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Healdsburg Chorus
Job Description
The Healdsburg Chorus is accepting applications for two positions: Music Director and Accompanist, effective May 1, 2019. Below is the job description and details for the choral director. Interested applicants should submit detailed resumes, including education, experience, and references, no later than November 1, 2018. Applicants should also include copies of concert programs in which they have participated, recordings if available, and any other information deemed relevant. Additional information about the Chorus can be found on the Chorus’s website,
When complete, submissions should be sent by mail or email as follows:
The Healdsburg Chorus
Attn: Peggy Decker
P.O.Box 1792         
Healdsburg, CA 95448
To Peggy Decker,
You may also contact Peggy by phone at 707-246-1166. We thank you in advance for spreading the word about this opportunity to become involved with one of Sonoma County’s most active and vibrant musical groups.
About the Chorus
The Healdsburg Chorus is a group of about 70 members of all ages from all over Sonoma County who share a love of singing.  The Chorus has been in existence for 30 years and has grown in size and quality under its two past directors.  There are currently about 20-24 Tenors & Basses and 46-50 Sopranos & Altos.  In years past, simple auditions were required before joining the Chorus but more recently auditions have not been required.   The Chorus year consists of two concert seasons:  the Christmas program (December) and the Spring program (April).  Usually there are 3-4 public (for ticket holders) concerts each season, preceded by 2-3 “practice” concerts offered to private communities at their venues.   The Chorus rehearsals are held on Monday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Healdsburg Community Church, starting at the end of August through mid-December, and again from early January through the end of April.  Additional rehearsals are held as concerts near.

Position Description
The Healdsburg Chorus is seeking a director who will conduct rehearsals in a friendly, enthusiastic, and cheerful manner.  The director must be creative and passionate in preparing programs that challenge the Chorus and please the audience.   The director is responsible for all rehearsals and performances set on the annual calendar created by the Chorus Board with input from the director and accompanist.  The director will develop a vision for the future of the Healdsburg Chorus and will work closely with the Chorus Board to accomplish the vision.

Overview of Duties
Works closely with the board of directors and accompanist to create and produce the twice per year concert seasons of the Healdsburg Chorus.  This includes:
  • Selecting and purchasing music as needed for all members (with the assistance of the music librarian)
  • Supervising auditions for solos, small groups, and announcer for each season
  • Planning and directing weekly rehearsals (twice weekly as concerts near)
  • Directing all performances
  • Coordinating sound and lighting services for all performances, when required
  • Attending monthly board meetings

Specific Responsibilities:
The Chorus year consists of two seasons: Christmas and Spring. Technically, the year is from January through December, practically however, it is viewed from August through May with June & July as prep months. So the items listed below are in somewhat of a chronological order.
  1. The director is responsible to research and select Christmas and Spring concert music from the HC files and newer sources for purchase. There are currently 70 members (20-24 Tenors & Basses and 46-50 Sopranos & Altos). This should be done by mid July. This can take 10 to 20 hours of either dedicated our drawn out time.
  2. The director is responsible to create a theme and concert title for each season to be given to the board for poster and program production as well as dissemination to the chorus members so they can prepare solos and small ensembles (3-5) for each concert. This should be done by mid July. This would be a part of the song selection time.
  3. The director is responsible to begin the recording process for the voice parts on all the full chorus songs. They can all be done in the summer, or the spring songs can be done by December. This needs to be done before the first rehearsal. They are to be sent to the chorus webmaster to be placed on the chorus members only part of the HC web site. The director may do this personally, have chorus members do it, or have it done outside the chorus. This can take another 10 to 20 hours and requires both male and female voices.
  4. The director is a voting member of the HC Board. Meetings are once-a-month on the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday from 6:30 pm to approximately 8:00 pm. They are held at board members houses on a rotating basis. Travel expenses are not included, however travel miles can be recorded for tax purposes. 2-4 hours per month.
  5. The director is in full control of the music for the chorus with input given by the board. Receipt of recommendations from the chorus members is at the sole discretion of the director.
  6. Several weeks into the season, the director and board members hear auditions from chorus members for solos and small ensembles for the concert. Consideration is for appropriateness to the concert theme, musicality, and preparedness. This is usually done between 5:00 and 6:15 pm on a rehearsal night.
  7. Around the same time, auditions are held for the announcer position, which is also done by the director and board members. This is usually done between 5:00 and 6:15 pm on a rehearsal night. The director is not responsible for introducing the songs during the concert, but may choose to interject at any time during the concert.
  8. The director is responsible for leading several Christmas carols after intermission of the Christmas concert.
  9. The director is responsible for the final concert order that includes the special numbers. This order is then given to the person in charge of the program as well as the announcer.
  10. Approximately 5 or 6 weeks before the first concert, Thursday rehearsals are added to the schedule. This is set before the season begins, by the director and accompanist, and is to ensure full and complete preparation of the chorus. These are typically shorter and run from 7:30 to 8:30 pm.
  11. Accompaniment is primarily by piano. If other instruments are desired, they need to be hired and approved by the board. The director has priority preference in this hiring but may defer to board or chorus members.
  12. The director has oversight of the sound and lighting for each season, but may defer to the board for these services. Not all venues have, or require, sound and lighting services. Some come with the rental and some need to be hired separately.
  13. There are usually three chorus parties during the year. One around the 1st rehearsal in August, one in December, and one in May. The director usually says a few words of encouragement at these events.

Required Education, Training, and Experience:
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Music
  • Vocal training
  • Choral experience as a director
  • Performance history
  • Technical experience in recording, staging, sound, lighting is a plus.

$14,400 per year
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